Audio Style Transfer: Explained

Mukul Pathak
7 min readJul 3, 2021

What do style transfer algorithms do?

Style transfer algorithms are deep learning techniques to manipulate digital media such as images, audio and video in such a way that one media file adopts the visual style of another media file. Style transfer is a commonly used method to recreate digital images for entertainment and artistic purposes. There are many mobile apps which use style transfer algorithms to recreate users pictures by merging them with famous paintings.

Overview of the Working of Audio Style Transfer

For audio style transfers to work we need two audio files. The first audio file which will be used to get content such as tune, lyrics and pitch is called content audio file. And the other file will be the style audio file, we extract the voice from the style file. After successfully training and applying the style transfer algorithms, we will get an audio file which will have main content from the content file and voice from the style audio file.

To explain this with an example, suppose we have “Hotline bling” by Drake as out content audio and a voice recording of Morgan Freeman as style audio file. The final result of this style transfer will give us the song “Hotline Bling” in Morgan Freeman’s voice.