Mastering ChatGPT’s Sequential Language Processing & Advanced Prompt Techniques

Mukul Pathak
9 min readFeb 18, 2024

Part 3 of Prompt Engineering is all you need.

Part 2: (Psychology of ChatGPT Prompts)

Questions answered in this Article:
Sequential Language Processing, Advanced Prompt Techniques & How To Construct Effective Prompts.

Just as Superman’s training is not about random bursts of effort but a calculated sequence of challenges designed to enhance his capabilities, Sequential Language Processing enables AI to tackle language in a methodical fashion. Each word or phrase the model encounters builds upon the context provided by those that came before, enabling it to understand and respond to inputs with increasing accuracy and relevance.

Decoding Sequential Language Processing

Sequential Language Processing (SLP) is the fundamental mechanism through which language models like ChatGPT comprehend and generate text in a sequential manner. Unlike human cognition, which often jumps between concepts and ideas, SLP enables AI to process information in a linear fashion, much like reading a book from start to finish.

In essence, SLP involves the step-by-step analysis and generation of text, where each word or phrase builds upon the preceding context…