Psychology of ChatGPT Prompts

Mukul Pathak
8 min readFeb 16, 2024

Part 2 of Prompt Engineering is all you need

Imagine a young superhero, much like Superman, who has incredible powers but needs guidance to use them wisely. This superhero is like ChatGPT, a powerful tool that can understand and use language in amazing ways. Just as Superman learned to control his abilities with the help of his Earthly father, we’re learning how to guide ChatGPT to make it even more helpful and relatable to us.

Questions answered in this Article:
Interpreting Context and Patterns, Addressing Biases in AI Responses & Enhancing Prompt Context

We’re on a mission to discover how ChatGPT works — kind of like figuring out the psychology behind its ability to communicate. By doing this, we aim to make ChatGPT better understand us, making it a valuable ally in our daily lives. This journey is about turning extraordinary potential into something that truly benefits everyone, much like turning a superhero from another planet into Earth’s greatest champion.

Interpreting Context and Patterns

Language models like ChatGPT interpret context and patterns in prompts through a sophisticated understanding of language developed during their training process. This process involves analyzing vast amounts of text data, from which the models learn to…